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  • Oracle partners drool over juicy £750m ERP Framework

    Oracle channel partners are gearing up for a mega software and shared services framework worth up to £750m over three years via the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

    A Prior Information Notice was released last week and covers the upgrade of ERP platforms including business intelligence and enterprise data warehousing, as well as services such as maintenance and hosting.

    The FCO said that it intends to put together a sales agreement for the "provision of Oracle ERP development, delivery and support services" for its users and others across central government.

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  • Government pledges allegiance to smaller IT suppliers

    The Cabinet Office has pledged to consider smaller, more innovative companies when looking at government IT spending in the future, following a National Audit Office (NAO) report which claims Whitehall is making "a good start" at saving money. The government claims that last year it saved £410m on its ICT spend, and is set to save a further £200m by the end of March this year.

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  • British Government wants equal opportunities for free software

    The British government plans to continue to work on the equality of free software within public procurement. All authorities will be migrated to the open platform and will perform all government transactions digitally. The open source portal of the European Commission reported that the British coalition government announced in its mid-term report that it will continue to heavily rely on free software.

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  • Government Launches open standards principles

    Whitehall has launched its long-awaited response to the open standards consultation, which will force government bodies to comply with its list of "Open Standards Principles" when purchasing technology.

    Departments must use the principles for all software interoperability and data and document formats. If they do not use the principles they will have to apply for an exemption, according to a Cabinet Office statement. As of today the principles will be embedded in the Cabinet Office's spend control process.

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  • Education Quango accused of 'cronyism'

    Outraged bidders for the UK’s Schools Open Source Project have claimed that Becta, the government ‘IT in Education’ quango responsible for commissioning the project, is guilty of ‘cronyism’ and political sleaze.

    Becta awarded the contract for overseeing the open source in schools project to The AlphaPlus Consultancy.

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