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What is the G-Cloud?

The UK Government's G-Cloud programme is an iterative programme of work to achieve fundamental changes in the way the UK public sector procures and operates ICT. It is a cross government initiative led by Andy Nelson (Ministry of Justice) supported by  Denise McDonagh (Home Office) under the direction of the Chief Information Officer Delivery Board as part of the Government ICT Strategy.

What is the CloudStore?

Government has been working to make the purchasing of public sector ICT as simple and transparent as possible. The result the CloudStore. The CloudStore is a new way for Government to buy IT products and services. All the services listed on the CloudStore are part of the G-Cloud framework so are immediately available for the public sector to procure and use.


For buyers this approach means that they:

  • don’t need to go through time and expense by issuing OJEUs.
  • have the assurance that every product and service in the catalogue as been accredited to Government standards.
  • will always use suppliers that are approved by Government as being agile, efficient and offering value for money.
  • can find low cost and high quality solutions simply.

Procuring Open Source through the G-Cloud Cloudstore

With Sirius on the G-Cloud programme this means that you can now procure the entire range of Open Source solutions and services quickly, easily and cheaply through the Cloudstore, along with the assurance of purchasing through a Government Procurement Service supplier. There is a simple and plain English guide to purchasing on the G-Cloud site.

Government Procurement Service Supplier

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