Open Source enterprise stack launched in UK

The first technology stack to deliver end-to-end Open Source enterprise services was launched in London today. ‘The Sirius Core’ from Sirius Corporation makes the recognised benefits of Open Source infrastructures available to anyone.

Open Source enterprise software is under continuous development and most companies find it difficult to keep pace with code updates. Backed by almost a decade’s real-world deployment expertise, the new service delivers certified Open Source software updates to maintain infrastructures in a secure and reliable state. Clients no longer waste resources finding, filtering and testing their own software. It just works.

The Sirius Core standardises and integrates key Open Source enterprise projects and delivers them on the ultra-stable Debian GNU/Linux platform.

Mark Taylor, CEO, Sirius Corporation said: “The Open Source stack is the technology interface between users and suppliers across the enterprise. It gathers together many Open Source components and makes sure they align with business goals.

“The Sirius Core gives any enterprise full confidence and capability to run their business on Open Source software.”

About Sirius Corporation
Sirius Corporation is one of Europe's leading Open Source consultancies whose clients include some of the world's leading multi-nationals. Visit for more information. For interviews contact