About Sirius

Sirius was the first Open Source company to be accredited by the UK Government under their Government Procurement Service, and now provides the full range of Open Source products and services through the Government G-Cloud.

We are the recognised leader in Open Source in the UK, and set the pace our competitors attempt to follow.

Some of the UK's, Europe's and America's most innovative organisations rely on our expertise to maximise their productivity and minimise risk. We work with Governments, Businesses, Universities, Schools, Third-sector organisations and Public Bodies to help them understand how they can best use Free and Open Source technologies to become more successful while dramatically cutting their costs.

Our proven strategies and methodologies, from over a decade of leadership in the front-line, remove the complexity of introducing, running and managing infrastructures based on Open Source software. We accomplish this by combining 'enterprise-ready' software components with our experience in designing and operating large-scale, mission-critical systems.

We are committed to delivering innovation in our field, and collaborate with our clients to help them become high performance enterprises.

Our Business Model

We have six revenue operations:

  • Strategic Consultancy - We help you identify opportunites to benefit from what Open Source can do for you.
  • Deployment and Systems Integration - We design, build and integrate systems entirely or mainly from Open Source components.
  • Training - We pass on our expert knowledge on specific Open Source products.
  • 24 hour Support - We give you the confidence to use Open Source software with our expertise backing you when you need it.
  • Managed Service - We use Open Source software to provide a solution that meets your specific technology need.
  • Outsourcing - We look after your technology investments, including but not limited to Open Source, for you.

Our Philosophy

Free and Open Source software is licensed to guarantee anybody rights to freely use, modify, and redistribute the software. If software is Free (as in Freedom) or Open Source, it facilitates choice. The choice to use the software, the choice to learn the software, and the choice to join, share, and participate in a community - a community full of enthusiastic partners that want to see the software grow and succeed.

Sirius has emerged from the Free and Open Source software community. Our individual motivations come from different sources, both personal and professional, but ultimately we share the same goal: to deploy and support enterprise-class solutions based on the world's greatest software.

Our History

Sirius was founded in 1998 to bring organisations the high-performance low-cost benefits of Open Source software. An industry pioneer and expert in the field, Sirius is recognised by Government, the Technology Press and Conferences around the UK and Europe as the leading voice in Open Source solutions.

In 2001, Sirius became the first company to migrate a substantial business to an entirely Open Source infrastructure, subsequently repeated with companies like Specsavers and a division of GE.

In 2005, Sirius became the first company to provide vendor-neutral support for the entire range of enterprise-class Open Source products.

In 2010, Sirius became advisors on Open Source policy to the incoming coalition Government in the UK.

In January 2011, Sirius switched on its dedicated 24/7 customer service centre, and since then has been providing uninterrupted monitoring, managed service and support to clients like News International, Oxfordshire County Council, First Utility, BT and Specsavers.

In October 2012, Sirius was awarded its place on the UK Government G-Cloud programme providing the full range of Open Source products and services through the Government Cloudstore.

Passionately dedicated to the intersection of customer service and advanced technology, Sirius provides clients with peace of mind through their 'stree-free technology' approach.

The Sirius Way

Sirius and its people:

  • Put our clients first
  • Subscribe to and advocate the Free Software philosophy
  • See business as providing ethical fulfillment as well as financial rewards
  • Are committed to the growth of the Open Source community in Europe
  • Employ only the best and encourage staff to achieve their full potential on behalf of our clients
  • Prefer to work with partners who share our values and mindset