From Aesop's Fables onwards, it has been common knowledge that 'You are known by the company you keep'. We love to keep great company, and we love companies that know how to look after their customers as well as throw a good party!

Bacula Systems

Bacula Systems is the leading Enterprise Open Source network backup and restore software company.

We love Bacula for making backup quite, easy and cross-platform as well as for their whacky name! You can read more about Bacula Systems on their website


Bytemark is the UK’s 'nerd hosting outfit of choice' with data centres in London and Manchester.

We love Bytemark for their Open Source friendliness and customer service ethic. You can read more about Bytemark on their website.


Canonical are the company that brought you Ubuntu Linux.

We love Canonical for making Linux easy to use for the rest of us, and you can see their cool Open Source desktop Linux all around our offices. You can read more about Canonical on their website.


Experience UX are a team of human behavioural experts, committed to eradicating bad design and poor customer experience. They love working with forward-thinking companies to solve user experience challenges and push boundaries. Experience UX empower their clients with actionable insights from their award-winning user research process. They believe that delivering meaningful interactions with customers leads to long-lasting, fruitful relationships.

We love Experience UX for their deep insights, stunning designs, and customer service ethic. Working in partnership with our Digital Team, we show that great User experiences on outstanding Digital websites don't happen by accident... You can read more about Experience UX on their website.


Flax build powerful, accurate and highly scalable search, media monitoring and classification solutions using open source software.

We love Flax for their mastery of one of the hottest areas in Open Source right now - enterprise search! You can read more about Flax on their website.


Rackspace deliver enterprise-level hosting services to businesses of all sizes have grown to serve more than 172,000 customers. Sirius clients relying on Rackspace for their hosting include Tizen.

We love Rackspace for their 'fanatic support' ethos, which we share! You can read more about Rackspace on their website.


Red Hat are the company that brought you Red Hat Linux. Sirius clients using Red Hat Linux include Specsavers.

We love Red Hat for making an enterprise class Linux that makes corporates feel comfortable. You can read more about Red Hat on their website.


Surevine design, build and deliver secure Social intranet, extranet and Internet solutions for UK Central Government, other public sector organisations and the commercial sector. Sirius backs up Surevine's outstanding service with 24/7 support.

We love Surevine for their mastery of the very hot Social Software scene, and for being on the vanguard of SMEs supplying the UK Government. You can read more about Surevine on their website.