Managed Service

Open Source software like Linux or Apache is used by most enterprises. Supporting complex enterprise systems requires regular attention and a high degree of skill to manage. Using less experienced staff to fulfill this role introduces a greater risk of poor performance, under utilization of system features and downtime. Outsourcing to Sirius ensures this critical role is carried out exclusively by expert staff which reduces risk and enables the rapid deployment of new technology and features. Furthermore, outsourcing the day-to-day administration and patching to SaaS results in a significant economy of scale and cost savings. What should you outsource?

  • Commoditized services. Network management, support help-desks
  • More bespoke services. Desktop management, application management
  • Fully bespoke services. Data centers, ongoing application design Benefits of Managed Services from Sirius
  • Expert resources. Full access to the highest concentration and range of up-to-date Open Source skills in the UK.
  • Guaranteed service levels. Detailed Service Level Agreements (SLA) and hardware support obligations ensure peace of mind.
  • Standardize IT. Lower costs, increased security, better compliance and reduce complexity.
  • Increased flexibility. Transform IT through our processes, people and tools to become a flexible and responsive enabler of business needs.
  • Rapid savings. Achieve rapid cost savings by reducing the cost of acquiring IT goods, services and non-personnel related IT expenses.
  • Latest Open Source technologies. Rapidly implement next-generation Open Source technologies.
  • Continuous improvement. Drive continuous improvement through data captured from a breadth of client sites and delivery centers.

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