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  • Real world GNU/Linux stories from Istanbul


    The first in a new series of articles on 'Open Source in the real world' from guests and partners. The series kicks off with an excellent account of a Public Sector migration by the Eyüpsultan district of Istanbul (once Constantinople), Turkey's largest city and magnificent economic, cultural and historic hub. Written by our guest Hüseyin GÜÇ, a great Open Source Advocate and one the driving forces behind this historic migration. Here is the account, written in Hüseyin's own words:

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  • Oracle to CockroachDB Migration - Part 1


    Continuing our series on RDBMS migrations, this post will demo a schema migration from Oracle to CockroachDB.

    CockroachDB is an Open Source, scalable, distributed RDBMS.

    This post will focus on installing and configuring a CockroachDB cluster. For this demo we will run a small 3-node docker cluster.

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  • System_Stats - a great new extension from EDB

    A quick post on an excellent new extension from EDB - system_stats, PostgreSQL views into system processes, memory, cpu, disk - highly recommended. this test was run against an PostgreSQL 11.4 instance

    You can find the installation instructions on GitHub here

    You can now find out anything you need to know about your systems right within PostgreSQL


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  • What is ERP?

    A Quick intro for the SME as to what ERP is, and why might it be useful for a growing business. A guest post from Sirius partner uzERP, experts in Open Source ERP for the Enterprise.


    There are many essential processes involved in running any organisation, no matter its size....

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  • PostgreSQL: New features in Version 13 - Index Deduplication

    With the second beta release of PostgreSQL 13, we now have first sight of the full range of new features the PostgreSQL and Open Source world is getting excited about! Naturally, Sirius engineers are getting deep into them, and we'd like to share these exciting new features with you!

    Today’s post will examine one of the new features of PostgreSQL 13 – B-tree index de-duplication.

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