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  • An Introduction to PostgreSQL - Part 3

    In Part 1 we looked at how PostgreSQL handles data concurrency, MVCC, and learned that understanding MVCC is critical for understanding PostgreSQL. Part 2 continued with MVCC and focused on concurrent access.

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  • An Introduction to PostgreSQL - Part 4

    In the first two articles we examined vacuums, clusters and freeze. In this third and final piece we look at indexes and backups.

    What are indexes and backups?

    An index, like in a book, is a separate set of information that tells us what is where and saves having to re-read the whole book to find something. PostgreSQL uses indexes for a similar reason and broadly in a similar way.

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  • Migrating OpenLDAP

    At Sirius, we eat our own cooking (as the Italians say... No 'Dog Food' here!), which means our own infrastructure is built from the world's greatest Open Source software!

    I'm an Open Source Support Engineer, and part of my job is keeping our own internal systems up to date. This week it was the turn of our Identity Management system, which is built around OpenLDAP.

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  • Q&A session with Marie Wallace, IBM

    Sirius Interview with Marie Wallace, IBM

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  • The Release of Samba 4.0 - First Free Software Active Directory Compatible

    On Tuesday 11th December 2012 the Samba team announced the release of Samba 4.0 containing the first compatible Free Software implementation of Microsoft’s Active Directory protocols. This is great news as it is sure to be the beginnings of bridging the gap between the Open Source world and the Microsoft World. Containing an admirable quote from Director of Development at Microsoft; Thomas Pfenning this could be a remarkable start to further development in other areas. Sirius has implemented Samba for many of their projects and long term clients, including Specsavers.

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