Round-The-Clock Support

Tech Support Sucks

Let’s be honest… frankly, most tech support is awful.

  • Bad Customer Service
  • Hidden Costs
  • Rude or Arrogant ‘Service’ Staff
  • Promises Not Kept
  • Staff Inaccessible
  • Not Listening
  • Shuffled Around From Person to Person
  • Tickets Never Resolved

Why Can’t Anyone Get This Right?

Techies, Engineers, Geeks, whatever you call us are certainly passionate, but most are passionate about technology, not customer service.

And when it comes to Open Source, you get that in spades! Open Source is like catnip for engineers - we can get as deep as we want, right down to the source code.

You see technical people do care, just not for the most part about what you care about, getting answers to the problems interfering with your business, and getting them solved - FAST!

It Should Be So Simple

IT doesn't matter... or it shouldn't. Like illness, we only really notice it when we're ill.

We want to focus on business, focus on our goals, and not what is getting in our way.

Imagine Support and Support people who see things like you do, talk like you talk, and know you just want to get back to work!

Wouldn't it be great to get the problem looked after without the impenetrable gobbledygook, and a well-trained, well-prepared team who just get on with it!

Perhaps even be kept up to date with progress (without chasing) and told it's all sorted with a smile...

Are You SiriUS?

What's different now is that we know and understand to our core that Open Source is not a product... it's a Service!

You can get Open Source anywhere, it's freely available and anyone with the technical chops can get to grips with it.

What you get from SiriUS is passionate devotion to looking after your Open Source investments, and a business and customer service orientation.

That last thing you want to think about is IT issues, fortunately that’s the first thing we want to!

World-class technical support backed by deep expertise gives you the confidence to deploy business-critical Open Source infrastructure components on Linux, Windows, UNIX or MacOS. You can get enterprise-savvy, real-world support, whichever Open Source products you use, whether you use one or a hundred different products, and whether you're an Open Source pure-play or mix Open and Proprietary technologies. Support that focuses on the practicalities of running Open Source in your organization, as well as providing code fixes if you really need them.

Our available support services include maintenance and updates, bugs and patch support, problem resolution, compatibility advice, migration advice, upgrade support, performance and tuning advice, configuration advice, and anything else you need to get the most from Open Source.

We support ALL enterprise class Open Source software, not just some of it.

SiriUS has designed, built, supported and managed Open Source systems since for over two decades, for Hospitals to Corporates, London Financial Institutions to Governments.

We understand Open Source at the source code level yes, but more importantly we understand how it is used by organizations in the real world, and in its various workloads.

We have built and run thousands of machines responsible for billions of dollars of business value. We know how to support Open Source in the way you want and need it to be supported.

We would love to hear about how you are using Open Source, and we are sure you would find value in an expert, free and no-obligation discussion of your support needs. Simply have us reach out to you or call us at (509) 254-5005.

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