Open Source Software is 'Infrastructure for Entrepreneurs', and as an entrepreneur you deserve great IT solutions, and support for those solutions when you need it. And that goes for big organizations too - the renewal of large organizations is through the entrepreneurs within.

See how Enterprise IT has changed in just the last few years from heavy infrastructure to a much more lightweight, modular and permanent beta environment that is exemplified by the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Our mission is to kit out startups and big-company departments who remember and retain the startup mindset. These teams need lightweight technology that can best be described as Infrastructure for Entrepreneurs®.

Our solutions are designed to solve the real problems facing you today, and since they are from SiriUS, you already know that they will be genuine Open Source, save you plenty of money, and give you:

  • Freedom from vendor lock-in
  • Lower acquisition and maintenance cost
  • Better quality
  • Access to source code

We have the solution you need in any area, including: