Identity Management Solutions

People are the core asset of most organizations, and to ensure people productivity is a critical success factor. People need to interact with multiple enterprise systems and this drives the need for a system to inform IT about what individuals can access.

Most organizations have multiple IT systems that require users to have access, to be authorized and to be authenticated. At the heart of a well constructed enterprise architecture is a robust Identity Management system. Centralizing identity has long been recognized as the most effective store for user data and information about the people accessing your systems.

Robust framework

Various systems require different access methods. A robust Identity Management framework will allow all addressing requirements to be handled in a holistic manner with a single representation.

Budget friendly

Cost of proprietary systems are not insignificant, and usually entail recurring licensing fees. In an environment of constant budget reviews, introducing stability in a cost effective manner to something as fundamental as Identity Management is critical.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Bring your own technology is introducing fresh pressure on corporate Identity Management policies. Open source solutions are just as comfortable with Microsoft, Apple or proprietary UNIX on the entire range of devices.

SiriUS recommends

SiriUS has been providing Identity Management solutions for well over a decade, and are on the Technical Advisory Group of the UK Access Management Federation. We are able to provide you with simple and secure, enterprise class Open Source technologies such as:

Next steps

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