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  • A day in the life of a Sirius Open Day

    The date is Friday 20th July 2012 and the Sirius open source enterprise search day is finally here! With this being the first of a series of open days, we have kept our fingers crossed all week for the sun to show its face and it seems like luck is on our side. Rivermead looks picture perfect in the sunshine next to the Wey canal.

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  • How To Increase The Number Of Women In Tech


    Statistics show that the number of women in technology has declined from 24% to 18% over the past decade. We all know that the there is a lack of women in the technology industry but the real question is what are we going to do about this?

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  • A day in the life of a girl who works in IT

    If someone had said to me a few years back that I would be working in an IT company I would have laughed out loud!

    I loved using my computer but if something went wrong I had no clue what to do. I applied to work at Sirius as I was looking for an office job so I could have my weekends back after working in retail management for 11 years. I had never heard of Open Source before let alone used any of the technologies based on Open Source so I was in for a huge learning experience.

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  • The need for more women in IT

    Over the centuries we've had, and still have, many influential and powerful women on the planet. There have been female Prime Ministers. Astronauts and even Queens who have been extremely influential. But this really makes me wonder; why is it that the IT industry has a lack of women? To be honest, through carrying out a bit of research, whilst taking in all the different views out there and speaking to a number of women in IT, I still have not been able to hit a concrete answer.

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  • Staff Training - The Sirius Way

    Remote working - looking after Sirius's customers' servers from the comfort of one's own home office - is the best of all possiible worlds but, if not carefully nurtured, the remote worker can feel a little cut off from the buzz of the office. Enter, the training day: a regular event that both updates the remote worker's skills and familiarity with the clients' needs, and reconnects one with fellow remote workers who spend much of the year as a name on a handover report, or a voice on the telephone.

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