Open source experts launch free advisory service

One of Europe's best known Open Source consultancies, Sirius Corporation plc, is celebrating its tenth birthday by offering free business advice online. Launched in association with Linux User and Developer magazine, the new service will seek to dispel the remaining mysteries around how Open Source can be leveraged by enterprise users.

The objective for the new service, dubbed 'Open for Business', is to encourage more organisations to adopt an 'Open Source, Open Standards' policy in their procurement of technology. Sirius argues that this policy, already used by brands such as Specsavers, will become increasingly common as budgets are squeezed.

According to Sirius, the business case for Open Source software is proven. With no licensing fees to pay and no vendor lock-in Open Source is moving well beyond 'Linux at the edge of the network' to a more central position in enterprise IT.

Although some buyers have been prepared to pay a premium for software marketed by big brands, Sirius believe Open Source's benefits will become more attractive as enterprises face the challenges of an economic downturn.

Mark Taylor, CEO, Sirius Corporation said: “It’s easy to understand why Open Source is so attractive. Low cost and flexible license terms - all of these give Open Source software a compelling value proposition.

“Our hope is that the new online advisory service will open up the world of Open Source software to even more businesses with the assurance of a 'no-strings' guarantee.”

Maggie Meer, Linux User and Developer said: “We're delighted to be working with Sirius again. Over the past ten years they've demonstrated true commitment to our community and we're very much looking forward to seeing them at the Linux Expo Live in October.”

About Sirius Corporation plc

Sirius Corporation plc is a leading European IT services group specialising in enterprise-ready Open Source software including databases, email systems, file & print, directory services, and cross-platform authentication. Clients include start-ups, blue-chip multi-nationals and public sector organisations.

To start using the new advisory service here.