Welsh Government Agency demonstrates Open Source best practice

By funding development to an Open Source operating system, a Welsh government agency has shown best practice in its engagement with the Open Source industry. The Countryside Council for Wales announced today that it hired European Open Source service provider, Sirius Corporation, to extend OpenBSD's ability to work with the ever-popular Cisco IOS.

The Countryside Council for Wales instructed Sirius Corporation under the government's Catalist scheme, a framework agreement designed to help public sector agencies purchase services from established and reputable suppliers.

Sirius Corporation's close links with the OpenBSD team mean the work will be included in forthcoming versions of the operating system.

OpenBSD is traditionally deployed as an enterprise-class firewall and in internet-facing systems where high security is essential.

Cisco IOS is the software platform for the vast majority of Cisco routers and all its current network switches.

Gordon Ross, Network Manager, Countryside Council for Wales said: “We appointed Sirius Corporation because they were the only Catalist-approved Open Source company with the specialist knowledge to undertake the work.

As long-term OpenBSD users, we are delighted the new code will be fed back into the project itself for inclusion in future releases.”

Mark Taylor, CEO, Sirius Corporation said: “There has been too much debate on how the public sector can engage with Open Source. The answer is very simple – use approved suppliers who themselves work with the underlying Open Source projects.

The debate should focus on real examples of where Open Source licenses and business models are used to the clear benefit of the Enterprise.”

Countryside Council for Wales

The Countryside Council for Wales is the UK Government's wildlife conservation authority for Wales. It acts as a statutory advisory and prosecuting body, and aims to sustain natural beauty and wildlife and provide opportunities for outdoor enjoyment of the Welsh landscape and its inshore waters.

For more information visit the Countryside Council for Wales website.

Sirius Corporation

Sirius Corporation is a leading European IT services group specialising in enterprise-ready Open Source software including databases, email systems, file & print, directory services, and cross-platform authentication. Client's include blue-chip multi-nationals and public sector organisations.

For more information visit the Sirius Corporation website.