Asterisk Support

The Problem with Asterisk Support

Asterisk is one of the hidden jewels of Open Source. VoIP Telephony is one of the hottest technologies around, and Asterisk is as good as the best of the proprietary solutions but without the pricetag that makes you wince. However with all it's charms Asterisk misses some of the ease-of-use features you've come to expect from the market leader. Documentation, training and management tools can seem sparse or out-dated. While users are used to proprietary IT systems being not entirely robust and available 24/7, the expectations for phone systems is far higher. There may be legal, contractual or organisational requirements to have formal external support in place. It may be that you simply want reassurance if and when the worst happens. In any case you are looking for professional Asterisk support to cover your investment in Asterisk and Open Source telephony.

Why hasn't the problem been solved?

Telephony is a technology in use far longer than IT, and as such has conventions that can seem alien to someone purely from a computing background. This can lead to misunderstandings, which is why you need an organisation that can meet the Service Level Agreements you need.

Open Source Virtualisation Support designed for the real world

You can get enterprise-savvy, real-world support, whichever flavour or multiple flavours of Linux you use. Support that focuses on the practicalities of running Asterisk in your organisation, as well as providing code fixes if you really need them.

What's different now?

The real trick is understanding that Open Source is a service, not a product, and that Asterisk is there to be used, not merely admired and developed as code. Sirius has designedbuiltsupported and managed Asterisk systems since 2000, from phone companies like Gradwell, Blueface and Teliqo, to Building Firms to Open Source companies! We understand Asterisk at the source code level yes, but more importantly we understand how it is used by organisations in the real world, and in its various workloads. We have built and run thousands of machines responsible for billions and billions of pounds, euros and dollars of business value. We know how to support Asterisk in the way you need and want it to be supported.

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