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  • Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL Migration using Pgloader


    To continue our migration series, today’s post will focus on pgloader. Pgloader is another Open Source data migration utility for PostgreSQL from MySQL and SQL Server. Today’s demo will migrate a sample database (StackOverflow) from MS SQL Server 2019 to Postgresql v10.

    StackOverflow contains the following tables

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  • Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration using ORA2PG

    One of the hottest topics in the PostgreSQL world is migration, and especially from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

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  • An Introduction to PostgreSQL - Part 2

    In Part 1 we looked at how PostgreSQL handles data concurrency, MVCC, and learned that understanding MVCC is critical for understanding PostgreSQL. Part 2 continues with MVCC and focuses on concurrent access.

    Let's start by reviewing the four core characteristics of a database transaction (which gives us the acronym ACID):

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  • An Introduction to PostgreSQL - Part 1

    Originally published back in October 2012, this classic article series is undergoing a facelift and update!

    We often get asked about PostgreSQL, and especially how it compares with proprietary enterprise-class Databases like Oracle or MS-SQL. In this classic series, revised and updated for today's PostgreSQL, we get right under the hood and explain, in plain English, just how the world's greatest Open Source Database works... You ask, we answer!

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  • How Much Does Open Source Cost?

    One of the first questions potential Open Source customers want to know when they start the research process is How much does Open Source (support/consultancy/training/systems integration) cost? Here at SiriUS, I'd imagine we get this question hundreds and hundreds of times a year, usually within the first few minutes of the first conversation.

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