Press Releases

  • Open Source enterprise stack launched in UK

    The first technology stack to deliver end-to-end Open Source enterprise services was launched in London today. ‘The Sirius Core’ from Sirius Corporation makes the recognised benefits of Open Source infrastructures available to anyone.

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  • UK school switches to Linux

    The Mall School in Richmond has replaced its aging Windows 2000 PCs with a state of the art Linux thin-client network, offering access to a wealth of educational software at a fraction of the cost of an upgraded Microsoft-based solution. Educational organisations, including BECTA, have recently been pointing out the enormous potential benefits to schools of open source software such as Linux. The Mall School is starting to make these benefits a reality.

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  • PostgreSQL's enterprise adoption boosted

    Further evidence emerged today of Open Source software's move from its traditional stronghold, network infrastructures, into the mission-critical application space. Sirius Corporation, leading European Open Source services provider, has been charged with supporting PostgreSQL for global datawarehouse Pindar Set, in the UK and US.

    Sirius Corporation's expert knowledge of the PostgreSQL database and middleware platform JBoss was crucial in its selection by Pindar Set.

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  • BOC deploys Open Source knowledge management tool

    One of the world's largest industrial gas suppliers has deployed a 'Wiki' solution to leverage the knowledge across its businesses. The BOC Group has selected Sirius Corporation, the UK's leading Open Source specialist, to provide expert technical support for MediaWiki.

    The BOC Group required a knowledge capture tool, available to all users, to be able to share information easily and gain immediate feedback. MediaWiki provides this kind of functionality.

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  • Mass move of Welsh schools to Open Source e-mail

    A progressive Welsh Council will use Open Source software to centralise the e-mail usage of its primary and secondary schools. Sirius Corporation, the UK's leading independent Open Source specialist, has been appointed to build a system with the potential to host a mailbox for every student and teacher in Carmarthenshire (some 40,000 users).

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