Sirius Identity Management Competition

Identity management is all about organising access to corporate systems for the right people at the right time and level. Better directory services have evolved over time to handle authorisation and authentication elegantly. Mature internal IT teams have tooled up to co-ordinate centralised addresses for effective management. Open source solutions for example have strengthened to handle multivendor and multi-platform.

Sounds simple enough, but when you add real life complexities like employee turnover, new corporate systems and services, extending access to suppliers, partners or customers, security policy changes, budget constraints and bring your own devices (BYOD) the job of the corporate identity management team becomes challenging.

At Sirius we have learned that the most effective way to demonstrate the impact of a well architected identity solution is to show you a roadmap. So today we are launching a competition to select two winners who will receive full day consulting services to assess current gaps and recommend a way forward. This competition is open to UK based companies with more than 100 employees. Entries will only be accepted through the competition entry form, and the competition will close at midnight on 20th July 2012.

Winners will be chosen from a shortlist of compelling problem descriptions. So be sure to tell us about your current set-up and why it no longer meets your business needs. If you do not know where to begin your journey towards more cost-effective directory services for your business, we can help.

  • Q&A session with Marie Wallace, IBM

    Marie Wallace is currently Analytics Product Manager & Strategist for IBM having spent the last decade working across software, hardware, and research divisions on analytics innovation. She is advisor to IBM's Global Consulting organization where she helps IBM's clients craft strategies that will allow them to realize the benefits of social, collaboration, and analytics. Prior to this Marie led research of IBM's LanguageWare technology which is now integrated into dozens of IBM products, including IBM's Watson.

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  • The Release of Samba 4.0 - First Free Software Active Directory Compatible

    On Tuesday 11th December 2012 the Samba team announced the release of Samba 4.0 containing the first compatible Free Software implementation of Microsoft’s Active Directory protocols. This is great news as it is sure to be the beginnings of bridging the gap between the Open Source world and the Microsoft World. Containing an admirable quote from Director of Development at Microsoft; Thomas Pfenning this could be a remarkable start to further development in other areas. Sirius has implemented Samba for many of their projects and long term clients, including Specsavers.

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  • A Day At The Canonical Enterprise Summit

    Running alongside the bi-annual Ubuntu Developer Summit in Denmark this autumn, Canonical organised a one day Enterprise Summit.

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  • The Advantages of Partnering in Business

    Partnering within business carries many advantages for both the business and its clients. It's a great opportunity to build working relationships with other businesses in a similar field. It is always an advantage to partner with a business that has a similar work ethic to yours and is innovative and inspired to create new ideas. This is extremely useful when they can provide you with a set of skills or services which you do not have and vice versa. This will:

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  • An Introduction to PostgreSQL - Part 2 of 3

    In our first article we looked at vacuums and clustering. In this article we review FREEZE.

    What is a FREEZE?

    A freeze is an essential system maintenance task. If you do not run it when it is due, your system will shut down and you will be forced to run a freeze in single user maintenance mode. Because of this FREEZE is included in the VACUUM set, though it is actually dealing with logical consistency, not freeing any physical space.

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