Enterprise Search Solutions

Information management has rapidly developed into an enterprise discipline that attracts business and IT management attention. Proliferation of technology enabled habits and process flow changes means corporate information assets now reside not only in enterprise databases but also the cloud, email and instant message archives, video and audio recordings and social media accounts. Traditional approaches to steer corporate information development have struggled to keep up with the pace of changing patterns of creation, analysis and sharing. Customers, employees and business partners bring their expectations of ‘searchability’ to the workplace.

Enterprise Search is now used to describe the process of making content from multiple enterprise-type sources searchable to a defined audience. Search systems typically index data and documents from the increasing variety of sources and use access controls to enforce a security policy on their users.

Sirius Offers

Sirius offers enterprise search in three practical packages:

  • Requirements analysis - search has become a surprisingly personal experience, and when aggregated up to teams or business units, expectations from search can vary significantly. Sirius has found it useful to conduct or validate requirements and if appropriate, compare with existing set-up. Findings become blueprints for future work.
  • Deployment and migration - engineers with track record in implementing open source and proprietary search systems work on migration roadmaps. Understanding a broad range of search systems allows best practices to be distilled, and makes for more effective installation and tuning to deliver outstanding user experiences.
  • 24 x 7 support - business users expect search to work anytime, on any device. Through round-the-clock monitoring and support, Sirius assures enterprise productivity.

Sirius recommends

  • Apache Solr
  • Apache Lucene

Next steps

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