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PostgresSQL 24/4: Support, Management and Monitoring


What you get with us:

  • It's all about you (tell me more...)
  • Looking after your needs around the clock (tell me more...)
  • Solving your PostgreSQL problems with exceptional expertise (tell me more...)
  • Get total environment support, not just PostgreSQL (tell me more...)
  • Pay less - low cost, no licence fees, no hidden fees (tell me more...)
  • Confidence in your provider - second decade serving world-class organisations around the globe (tell me more...)

For an expert, free and no-obligation discussion of your support needs, leave us a message or call us on 0870 608 0063

Understanding You and Your Business

Anyone with the technical skills can provide support, but for truly great support you need someone who takes the time and puts in the effort to understand you, your business, and the purpose to which your technology stack, including PostgreSQL, is dedicated.

Yes we do technology, in fact where PostgreSQL is concerned we are world-class, but more than this we do business. From day one you have your own account manager who will take the time to really understand what you and your organisation are about, and what you want to achieve with the technology you use.

Looking After Your Needs Around The Clock

When you need PostgreSQL support you want it now, no matter what time of day or day of the week. You usually want to get straight through to someone who can help by phone, email, or your own favourite communication method. And you are likely to prefer a courteous and fully trained customer service person who understands what you're talking about, speaks your language and gets you to the engineer you need to solve the problem.

Our support service is genuinely 24/7 and from our dedicated UK customer service center. Our own staff are awake and ready to answer the phone all-day, 365 days of the year. We speak business and plain-English as well as tech, and our people undergo regular and consistent training to keep their skills well honed.

Solving Your PostgreSQL Problems

Most of the time you do not need a 'guru' level PostgreSQL engineer or developer, but sometimes you do! One of the advantages of Open Source is that problem solving can go as deep as you need it, even right into the sourcecode, as long as you get guaranteed access to people who make the project tick.

Our PostgreSQL expertise runs deep as well as wide. Our support engineers are all steeped in it, our second line engineers have decades of in-the-trenches sysadmin skills in it, and when you need it we have acknowledged contributors on staff too.

Beyond PostgreSQL to Total Environment Support

Technology is complex, platforms and environments more so, and it is rare for support issues to have clear borders. Why settle for a support contract that only takes you so far and you get told "oh, your problems over there... we don't support that bit".

We support the full spectrum of open source and proprietary technologies, not just PostgreSQL. Our reputation is built on our wide experience across the range of technologies, and how they are put together. We have the expertise on hand when you need it, whether the actual problem happens to be in PostgreSQL itself or not.

Pay Less

You expect many advantages from your use of open source, including cutting your costs and avoiding 'technology taxes'. At it's best the open source model means you pay for the services you actually want and use, and absolutely nothing for anything else.

We support PostgreSQL plain and simple - no 'enterprise' version, no hidden costs, no licence fees or taxes by any other name. With us you get the very best value for money... you pay for the support you want, and nothing else.

Confidence in Your Support Provider

When all is said and done you want to do business with people who think like you think, talk like you talk, and who have a track record that proves they can do the job you want them to do.

Sirius has been providing services and support around PostgreSQL since 1998. We are well known and respected in the PostgreSQL and wider open source communities. We are a solid company with a large and dedicated support team that operates 24/7/365. We work with household names around the world...