Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor is a well known figure in the Open Source community and participant in the organizations that helped establish Open Source - now into his third decade on the front line. He is the founder, and for 5 years consecutively President, of the UK Open Source Consortium, is an expert advisor to the Free Software Foundation Europe, the UK representative of the Open Source Software Institute, and occasional advisor to the Free Software Foundation and the Open Source Initiative. A long time advocate of Open Source, Mark is a well-known speaker and writer on all aspects of the phenomenon.

As CEO of Sirius, Mark has been instrumental in the adoption and rollout of Open Source software in Businesses, Government and Public Sector, Healthcare, Educational Institutions and third-sector organizations large and small around the world.

Mark's political activities include acting as a technology advisor to the UK Government, and Government CTO, including a 6 month stint as Chair of the Cabinet Office New Suppliers to Government working group and invited membership of the SME Panel. Mark stands for Open Source, Open Standards and Open Data, SME engagement with Government, and for equal participation of Women in Technology.

Mark lives in America, and outside the world of Open Source he enjoys spending time with his family, keeping fit at the gym, is a Goju Ryu Karate Black Belt training at the Dojo, working his way through the Western Canon, and learning languages modern and ancient.


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