Apache Lucene

Apache Lucene
Type of Software
Enterprise Search


Apache Lucene™ is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine library written entirely in Java. It is a technology suitable for nearly any application that requires full-text search, especially cross-platform.

Lucene offers powerful features through a simple API:

Scalable, High-Performance Indexing
  • over 150GB/hour on modern hardware
  • small RAM requirements -- only 1MB heap
  • incremental indexing as fast as batch indexing
  • index size roughly 20-30% the size of text indexed
Powerful, Accurate and Efficient Search Algorithms
  • ranked searching -- best results returned first
  • many powerful query types: phrase queries, wildcard queries, proximity queries, range queries and more
  • fielded searching (e.g. title, author, contents)
  • sorting by any field
  • multiple-index searching with merged results
  • allows simultaneous update and searching
  • flexible faceting, highlighting, joins and result grouping
  • fast, memory-efficient and typo-tolerant suggesters
  • pluggable ranking models, including the Vector Space Model and ;Okapi BM25
  • configurable storage engine (codecs)
Cross-Platform Solution
Sirius Offers:

Apache Lucene™ is a core SiriUS Technology, and we have been working with it for well over a decade.

We offer the following Lucene Services:

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