Sirius and NoMachine promote platform independence in UK schools

In a move to promote platform independence in schools, leading Open Source services provider Sirius Corporation, has announced a strategic partnership with NoMachine. Backed by professional support services from Sirius, UK pupils and teachers can use NoMachine products to access Windows-dependent software from Linux desktops.

NoMachine products allow users to run any graphical application on any operating system making them ideal for schools who are frequently locked into expensive Windows-dependent management systems.

Mark Taylor, CEO, Sirius Corporation said: "Linux has excellent office suites, graphics packages and multi-media software. Where schools are already using Windows-dependent applications, NoMachine provides fast and secure access from Linux. Sirius' partnership with NoMachine means local expertise for schools looking to save money and escape from their dependence on proprietary software."

Sarah Dryell, Business Development Manager, NoMachine said: "IT administrators within the education sector can have difficulties adopting emerging platforms such as Linux. Having a Linux consulting specialist such as Sirius Corporation assist you in making the right choice in terms of cost as well as ease-of-use is fundamental if you wish to keep up with the needs of a school's network. Sirius can help schools get free from the expensive clutch of proprietary software deals they find themselves in with the help of NoMachine software products."

About NoMachine

NoMachine is the creator of NX software, the solution for those looking for a quality alternative for remote access, application deployment and outstanding performance. Behind NoMachine software is the NX Distributed Computing Architecture, a suite of Open Source technologies and commercial tools, designed by NoMachine to make network computing as easy and widespread as Web browsing. NoMachine has built the foundations of its NXDCA on two well known and widely used open standards, SSH and the X-Window System, the windowing system which is behind the GUIs of Linux and the Unix Operating System. For more information visit the NoMachine website.

About Sirius Corporation

Sirius Corporation is an European Open Source consulting, support and outsourcing group specialising in enterprise-ready Open Source software including connectivity, databases, email systems, file & print, directory service and cross-platform-authentication. Headquartered in the UK, Sirius' clients include blue-chip multi-nationals, UK public sector organisations and the European Commission.