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The problem with Drupal support

Over the last few years, Drupal has become the web content management system of choice for organizations both large and small who take their online presence seriously. It is extremely powerful, flexible and highly configurable, with a huge and continually expanding developer community. This helps to ensure that it remains secure and constantly adapts to the changing needs of organisations and the digital environment. Drupal is also extremely well suited to integrating with other enterprise platforms to play a key role in the digital ecosystem.

However, such versatility can come at a cost in terms of the learning curve for developers and those who are responsible for keeping the system secure, up to date and responsive to the needs of the business. In addition, many organisations require a support contract to be in place for key enterprise systems, particularly where a 24 x 7 x 365 service is non-negotiable. If this is the case for you, or if you simply want peace of mind where your digital shop window is concerned, then a Drupal support contract may be just what you're looking for.

Why hasn't the problem been solved?

There is no single obvious organization standing behind the open source Drupal project. And even if there were, companies that develop websites based on Drupal are staffed by developers, and they do a great job at writing and packaging open source code into products. But you need support for the enterprise workloads you run in their real-world setting, not abstract issues of source code bug-fixing. In fact communities do as good or better at source code fixing, but cannot be pinned down to the Service Level Agreements you need.

In short, there is a mismatch between the kind of support you need, and the kind that is on offer.

Drupal support designed for the real world

You can get enterprise-savvy, real-world support for both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 sites, however small or large, and regardless of how custom or out-of the-box your implementation is. Support that focuses on the practicalities of running Drupal in your organization, as well as providing patches, upgrades, code fixes and custom development if you need them.

What's different now?

The real trick is understanding that Open Source is a service, not a product, and that Drupal is there to be used, not merely admired and developed as code. SiriUS has designed, built, supported and managed enterprise-level Drupal websites and applications for organizations in the private and public sectors. With a dedicated team of Drupal developers, we understand Drupal at a source code level, but more importantly, we understand how it is used by organizations in the real world and in its various workloads.

We are also uniquely placed to support the myriad of technologies such as Apache Solr, Elastic Search, Varnish, OpenLDAP, MySQL, Postgres, Jenkins etc that allow Drupal to take its place within your IT systems portfolio.

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