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The Problem with OpenLDAP Support

OpenLDAP is a directory server... In fact you can consider it the reference implementation of LDAP as the original author wrote most of the documents (RFCs) defining the standard. You will also find it, unacknowledged, under-the-hood of many proprietary directory products. For the directory underlying your Identity Management solution OpenLDAP is a superb choice, especially in a mixed environment. However the case for using it is by no means cut and dried, even if it is only a few niggling worries that remain. With proprietary directory servers there is a clear, and often big, proprietary company standing behind it, but with OpenLDAP apparently no such equivalent. Perhaps you don't have enough, or the right kinds of, expertise in your organization. There may be legal, contractual or organizational requirements to have formal external support in place. It may be that you simply want reassurance if and when the worst happens. In any case you are looking for professional OpenLDAP support to cover your investment in OpenLDAP.

Why hasn't the problem been solved?

There is no single obvious organization standing behind the Open Source OpenLDAP project. And even if there were, companies that develop OpenLDAP are staffed by developers, and they do a great job at writing and packaging Open Source code into products. But you need support for the enterprise workloads you run in their real-world setting, not abstract issues of source code bug-fixing. In fact communities do as good or better at source code fixing, but cannot be pinned down to the Service Level Agreements you need.

In short, there is a mismatch between the kind of support you need, and the kind that is on offer.

OpenLDAP Support designed for the real world

You can get enterprise-savvy, real-world support, whichever platforms and operating systems that you use. Support that focuses on the practicalities of running OpenLDAP in your organization, as well as providing code fixes if you really need them.

What's different now?

The real trick is understanding that Open Source is a service, not a product, and that OpenLDAP is there to be used, not merely admired and developed as code. SiriUS has designed, built, supported and managed OpenLDAP systems since 1998, for Schools to Specsavers, London Financial Institutions to Local Authorities. We understand OpenLDAP at the source code level yes, but more importantly we understand how it is used by organizations in the real world, and in its various workloads. We have built and run thousands of machines responsible for billions and billions of pounds, euros and dollars of business value. We know how to support OpenLDAP in the way you need and want it to be supported.

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