Sirius Support SLA

Sirius Support Terms of Service:

   Standard  Extended  24/7/365
Hours of Coverage   Business 9:00-5:00   Daytime 7:00-7:00   24/7/365
Support Channel  Phone/Email/Web  Phone/Email/Web  Phone/Email/Web
Number of Cases  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited
Response Times  Initial   Initial  Initial response  Ongoing response
Severity One  1 Hour  1 Hour  15 minutes  1 Hour or as agreed
Severity Two  2 Hours  2 Hours  1 Hour  2 Hours or as agreed 
Severity Three  4 Hours  4 Hours  4 Hours  4 Hours or as agreed 
Severity Four  1 Day  1 Day  1 Day  1 Day or as agreed


If you have tighter requirements and our standard SLAs are not fine enough, talk to us! We can often negotiate custom SLAs