Pentax Chooses Open Source Services Provider for Network Support

Global optics brand, Pentax, has chosen a UK-based Open Source services provider to support its mission-critical Samba deployment. Sirius Corporation, a leading European open source services company, was originally charged with building the Samba-based interface between Pentax's real-time POS data processed on UNIX servers and the Windows PCs used by its accounts department.
Sirius Corporation's expert knowledge of Samba and its ability to authenticate against Active Directory was crucial in the original selection of the company as technical architects.
This is the second year that Sirius Corporation has provided third-line technical support for the system.
David Weatherall, IT Manager at Pentax UK said: "We selected Sirius Corporation after they demonstrated unequalled knowledge of Samba and its ability to interoperate with Windows desktops."
Mark Taylor, CEO of Sirius Corporation said: "We employ the UK's most experienced Samba engineers, including members of the actual project team. Whilst Pentax have excellent in-house UNIX skills, they use us for rapid, third-line support."

About Pentax UK

Pentax UK is a division of Pentax Corporation. Pentax is one of the world's largest optical companies, producing still cameras, binoculars and spectacle lenses as well as a variety of other optical instruments. In 2004 Pentax had approximately 6000 employees. For more information visit

About Samba

Samba is an Open Source software suite that has, since 1992, provided seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients like Microsoft Windows. Samba is freely available and allows for interoperability between Linux/Unix servers and Windows PCs. For more information visit

About Sirius Corporation

Sirius Corporation is a leading European open source services provider specialising in enterprise-ready open source software including Samba, PostgreSQL and OpenLDAP. Clients include blue-chip multinationals and public sector organisations. For more information visit