Support Pricing

Support Contract Pricing

We understand that pricing is scary, especially when you are looking and can't find it! We feel that way too when we are in the market for something...

We offer comprehensive Support packages for Customers who form a long-term relationship with us, and you should know that these get the very best pricing from us.

The challenge is, annual fees depend on how big your system is, how much it's used by users, and how much support you need. We've got to start somewhere however, so here we go:

Ongoing Support from SiriUS can cost anywhere from a $3,000 per annum up to some pretty big numbers (we have Governments and massive Corporations amongst our clients). Usually you can start small and build as your needs grow.

We can get much more accurate if you can tell us about your system. Have SiriUS reach out to you or call us on (509) 254-5005.

We can be a lot more specific about Consultancy and Hourly Support rates...

Emergency Support

   Standard   Discounted 
Emergency Support for Support Clients1   Included  Included
Emergency Support for Ongoing Customers   $250 / hr  $175 / hr2
Emergency Support for Non-Customers  $325 / hr  $227.50 /hr3


1 Support Customers have unlimited coverage and automatically receive the emergency track.
2 Existing Customers receive a 30% discount the first time they use our Support Service.
3 New Customers receive a 30% introductory discount.

Consultancy Pricing

We have three levels of Consultant - Engineer, Senior Engineer, and Senior Technical Architect.

Engineers can do most things, Senior Engineers the Guru-level stuff, and Senior Technical Architects are the equivalent of Open Source Core Team members... we think of them like Superheroes, but that might just be us!

Consultancy Day Rates

   Standard   Discounted1 
Engineer  $995  $696.50
Senior Engineer  $1,250  $875
Senior Technical Architect   $1,500  $1,050


1 Ongoing Support Customers receive an automatic 30% discount on Consultancy Rates, as do First-Time Customers.

Have SiriUS reach out to you, call us at (509) 254-5005, or buy support now.