Bristol City Council

The Client

Bristol City Council serves a population of over 428,000 and is the eighth largest city in the UK. The council comprises 70 councillors representing 35 wards of the city. Elections take place for a third of the council three out of every four years. Bristol is the largest centre of culture, employment and education in the South-West region.

What Was Needed

Bristol City Council were reaching the end-of-life with their existing core enterprise infrastructure (Identity Management, File and Print, Email and Internet systems, etc.) and looking to compare the migration options available to them. In line with UK Government policy the Council wanted to fully explore which Open Source components could be used to build an enterprise infrastructure for a Local Authority.

Sirius Recommends

Our engagement with Bristol City Council took the form of strategic consultancy. Over the course of several months we held workshops, spent time onsite with key employees, explored Council strategy and spent time with Councillors. After completing our investigations we delivered a comprehensive report alongside presentations to the Council Executive and to the Councillor responsible for ICT.

The Outcome

Bristol City Council have already taken the decision to migrate away from proprietary website and content management systems to the Open Source Drupal CMS. You can see the result here:

They have also taken the decision to migrate away from their proprietary document management system to the Open Source Alfresco document management system.