Baker Hughes Case Study

The Client

Baker Hughes is the world's leading energy technology company. For more than a century, their inventions have revolutionized energy, harnessing the power of engineering, data, and science to redefine what's possible.

With 67,000 employees, Baker Hughes operates in 120+ countries worldwide.

MAPS Technology is an advanced technology subsidiary in the Oilfield Equipment division. They deliver the benefits of the MAPS stress measurement technology to owner/operators of capital plant and OEMs

What Was Needed

Baker Hughes MAPS Technology required an entirely non-proprietary infrastructure supporting their highly skilled engineering and developer staff. And infrastructure compatible with industry standards, but with a development environment supporting their cutting edge engineering and technical work.

Management wanted to accommodate the technical teams needs, while also achieving a low-maintenance, license-fee free, supported environment.

Sirius Recommends

A combination of our strategic consultancy, deployment and integration expertise, support and managed service, combined with enterprise-class Open Source technologies:

  • Chosen Operating System Debian Linux delivered by KVM virtualisation
  • Identity Management provided by OpenLDAP in Master/Slave configuration
  • Network services delivered through Bind DNS and DHCP, Squid
  • Windows Desktop fileserver compatibility provided by Samba, printing through CUPS, authenticated by OpenLDAP backend
  • Secure Email server using a stack of Open Source components, Mailman, instant messaging via Jabber
  • Secure access through OpenVPN and SSH servers
  • Back and snapshots through rsync
  • Documentation and tacit knowledge through MediaWiki
  • Databases through MySQL
  • Developer environment including Bugzilla, SVN, & websvn
  • Many other Open Source components

This is an entire infrastructure for an enterprise delivered entirely through Open Source components!

The Outcome

Baker Hughes MAPS Technology is now into their 10th Year running on an entirely Open Source Infrastructure and Development Environment.

License fees for this infrastructure have been consistently zero for the whole decade.

Maintenance and Support have been minimal, and delivered by Sirius at low-cost and with minimal fuss.

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